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23 Easy Ways You Can Help Immigrant Neighbors In Need

23 Easy Ways You Can Help Immigrant Neighbors In Need

In my recent volunteer work, I’ve had some big realizations regarding the needs of local citizens who may not have full command of the English language, who may have immigrated to the US from another country that speak another language. The challenges they face with simple “normal” everyday experiences can be quite surprising.

Yet there are so many ways to lend and helping hand to lift up the experience of our neighbors who aren’t able to fully experience the community life that you and I live, due to language barrier, limited financial opportunities or other reasons.

23 Easy Ways To Meaningfully Help Neighbors In Need

1. Get involved with a local organization that provides services to immigrants. This could include volunteering your time to help with English classes, providing legal assistance, or simply being a friend and mentor. This is one of the core reasons why was founded. If you know of volunteer opportunities that fit these needs, please submit the volunteer opportunities to be listed on the website.

2. Donate to organizations that assist immigrants. The obvious way is to organize a fundraiser so that you can contribute financial donations, but also donating items like clothes, furniture, or food can be just as valuable.

3. Speak up for immigrants’ rights. This could involve writing to your representatives, attending rallies or protests, or sharing information on social media.

4. Educate yourself and others about immigrants’ experiences. This might involve reading books, watching films, or attending talks or lectures on the subject. It’s also important to have open and honest conversations with friends and family members about the realities of immigration.

5. Show compassion to immigrants in your everyday interactions. This includes things like using inclusive language, being patient when someone is learning English, and being respectful of different cultures and traditions.

6. Stand up to discrimination and bigotry whenever you see it. Whether it’s speaking out against hurtful comments or intervening in a potentially dangerous situation, it’s important to show that you’re an ally to immigrants.

7. Mentor a young immigrant. This could involve being a positive role model and providing guidance on things like education and careers.

8. Help immigrants navigate the American legal system. This might involve volunteering with a local organization that provides free or low-cost legal services, or simply providing information and resources about the immigration process.

9. Connect immigrants with social services and other resources. This includes things like providing information about healthcare, food assistance, housing, and education programs.

10. Support businesses owned by immigrants. This could involve patronizing local businesses, buying products or services from immigrant-owned companies, or investing in immigrant-led startups.

11. Help immigrants get acclimated to American culture. This could involve inviting them to social gatherings, taking them on outings to familiarize them with their new surroundings, or simply being a friend and sounding board.

12. Connect immigrants with other members of their communities. This includes things like helping someone find a job, introducing them to religious or social organizations, or connecting them with businesses that cater to their needs.

13. Share your skills and expertise with immigrants. This might involve volunteering to teach English classes, helping with computer or web literacy, or even giving a tour of local library resources so they can learn on their own.

14. Make a financial contribution to an organization working to support immigrants. This is a great way to show your support if you’re unable to volunteer your time. I’ve been donating some of my chore or holiday gift money to nonprofits that support immigrants.

15. Stay informed about what’s happening in the world of immigration. This includes reading news stories, following relevant Twitter accounts, and signing up for email newsletters from organizations you trust.

16. Welcome immigrants into your community. This might involve volunteering to be a part of a welcome committee, organizing neighborhood events, or reaching out to newcomers in your area.

17. Help immigrants become naturalized citizens. This process can be complicated and confusing, but you can offer your assistance by volunteering for citizenship workshops or helping to fill out paperwork. Most of it is straightforward if you simply do the research, understand English and can interact with administrators and call customer service lines.

18. Raise awareness about the contributions of immigrants. This might involve sharing positive stories about immigrants in your community, volunteering for public speaking engagements, or writing articles or blog posts on the subject.

19. Stand up against xenophobia and racism. This includes things like calling out bigoted comments, refusing to support businesses that discriminate, and donating to organizations working to combat hate.

20. Educate yourself and others about the experiences of immigrants. This might involve reading books and articles, watching documentaries, or attending talks and workshops. is a great resource that I’ve found regarding my own personal heritage.

21. Show compassion for immigrants who are going through tough times. This includes things like offering a listening ear, being understanding when things are tough, and providing emotional support. A Big Brother or Big Sister program could be life-changing (for both of you!)

22. Show your support for immigrants in tangible ways. This includes things like wearing a button or shirt that shows your solidarity, hanging a sign in your window, or displaying a bumper sticker on your car.

23. Help immigrant-owned businesses thrive. This includes things like shopping at their stores, eating at their restaurants, and recommending them to others.


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