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Volunteer Mobile App Testers for Promly Mental Health App Soft Launch

Volunteer Mobile App Testers for Promly Mental Health App Soft Launch of Morristown, NJ is looking for High School students who want to be part of Promly’s app test/soft launch in January.

Students can easily earn volunteer hours through our nonprofit and be part of our effort to build something better for Gen Z.

Summer internship opportunities may be available.


Promly is a social networking platform for teens, with accessible mental health support, that builds connectedness through shared interests. Our goal is to decrease the rising suicide rate among teens, decrease mass shootings among youth, and help adolescents create more genuine connections with one another by putting resources in their world instead of hoping they reach out for help independently.

Promly Credo

We believe our first responsibility is to Gen Z and the Alpha Generation behind them. We must work together using a multigenerational approach to be sure the voice and needs of the under-18 generation are heard, validated, and responded to.

We will foster connectedness through our programs and in our work environment recognizing that human connectedness drives happiness.  We will provide an inclusive online platform and services for our users reflecting diversity. We will also strive to provide a workplace that respects diversity, and as employers, will seek to value individuality and accommodate individual employees’ needs.  

Promly pledges to partner with organizations that also value Gen Z, not as a commodity, but as people, care about long-term outcomes, and demonstrate a commitment to destigmatizing mental health challenges and/or to creating other social benefits appropriate for kids and teens.  We and our business partners will have the opportunity to create a positive impact, and we require that they meaningfully demonstrate their ability to set and maintain high standards, especially with regards to minors, and that they value their reputation above profit. Promly will secure business partners that agree to provide a valued service, skills training and/or knowledge.

Where a partner engages in marketing, the organization must follow all applicable laws and best practices for minors and also that are applicable to the product. Our partners should strive to not only meet minimum requirements, but to set standards in their dealings with their clients and our users. This is essential, because trust is difficult to win, and easy to lose.

In order to maintain our users’ trust, Promly will strive to ensure that our tech-enabled solution partners prioritize the security and safety of our users.  We will complement the ongoing process of platform enhancement with the continuous improvement of user protections.

Promly commits to being a model of responsible technology, a driver of social impact and social enterprise, and a leader and change agent in the field of teen mental health and social media.

Please check out Promly and reach out at

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