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7 Ways High School Students Can Make an Impact on Race Relations in Their Community

7 Ways High School Students Can Make an Impact on Race Relations in Their Community

Making a positive impact on race relations starts in our own communities. As high school students, we have the power to create change by engaging with and supporting people of different races and backgrounds. Whether it’s through volunteer work, education, or advocacy, there are many ways high school students can make an impact on race relations in their community.

As the ongoing issues of racism and discrimination in our society continue to dominate headlines, it’s important that we take action to make a real difference in our communities. Hate crimes have increased 18% in New York City over the last year alone. This is real.

stop asian hate

Here are 7 suggestions on how you can have an impact on race relations right now:

1. Speak Up When You See Something Unjust – It takes courage to call out racism when you see it. But if someone makes a racist joke or says something derogatory about another race, it’s your responsibility as a decent human being to speak up and let them know why what they said is wrong. Even if the person is someone you care about, standing up for what’s right still matters more. I know it’s hard in almost all social situations to speak up. especially when someone tells the racist joke, and everyone else goes along with it. Your actions will do more than just educate one person; they might also encourage those around you to be more mindful of their words and actions in the future as well. You can donate, volunteer, and do all these other things, but the simple and impactful thing is to just speak up when you see it happening. It all starts with you and me as individuals.

2. Support Organizations That Promote Unity and Respect – From national organizations, regional nonprofits, like KAAGNY, to local community groups, look for ways to lend your support financially or with your time and skills. Many towns programs specifically designed to help bridge racial divides through education, mentoring, and dialogue. Sharing social media posts or linking to them can be super helpful. Creating an Tiktok video sharing about the cause of some of these amazing organizations is something that we as high school students can do that really helps them get more exposure.

3. Educate Yourself About Racism and Discrimination – Understanding the history of racism is essential if we want to move forward together as a society. Read books and articles by authors of color, attend lectures, and view films that help bring attention to the current state of racism and discrimination in our society. Also, be sure to research local issues and consider attending rallies or protests that are related to specific areas where change is needed.

4. Have Discussions with Your Family & Friends – We may not always agree on every issue, but it’s important to have open dialogues with those closest to us about race relations. Ask questions, listen actively, share resources or experiences if appropriate, and try to learn from one another. Taking a stand and speaking up when you hear racist language or jokes can also go a long way towards creating an environment where everyone feels respected regardless of their background or beliefs

5. Volunteer Work – One way to make a difference is by volunteering as a high school student. This could include tutoring younger students from different racial backgrounds, helping out at local food banks, or joining a youth group that focuses on social justice initiatives. Volunteering your time helps build trust and understanding between you and those of other races and cultures. It also shows that you care about making a difference in the world—and makes you more aware of the struggles faced by people from different backgrounds than your own.

6. Learn About New Cultures – As high school students, learning about other cultures is essential for developing empathy and respect for people of different races and backgrounds. There are lots of ways to do this—from reading books written by authors from diverse cultural backgrounds to taking classes. There are many films you can watch. Educating yourself about different cultures is important if you want to be an ally for people who don’t look like you or come from the same background as you do.

7. Advocacy – Finally, advocacy is key when it comes to making a difference in race relations within your community. This includes things like writing letters or emails to representatives advocating for policy changes that promote racial equity or speaking out against racism online or in person when you see it happening around you. You can also join organizations like Stop Asian Hate or Black Lives Matter or show up at rallies that call attention to issues related to discrimination and inequality based on race.

We all have a role to play when it comes to creating positive change in our communities—and as high school students, we have the power to make a real impact on race relations in our communities through volunteer work, education, and advocacy. By taking action now, we can help create a more inclusive future for everyone.

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