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Tag: racial inequity

Why #StopAsianHate Matters to High School Students in America

The rise of anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination in the United States has sparked a nationwide movement to raise awareness

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How Immigrants Made A Difference & Why We Should Help

Recently, someone on TV made a comment that immigrants are just a burden to our society. That made me angry,

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7 Ways High School Students Can Make an Impact on Race Relations in Their Community

Making a positive impact on race relations starts in our own communities. As high school students, we have the power

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3 Books High School Students Should Consider To Learn More About Inqueities Immigrants Face

Immigrant inequities are a critical issue facing our society today. I’m on a journey to learn more especially after volunteering

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5 Ways To Help #StopAsianHate

In light of the recent surge in anti-Asian hate crimes, it is important to raise awareness and take action against

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9 Ways To Work Against Racial Inequity and #StopAsianHate

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a drastic impact on all communities worldwide, but particularly those of Korean descent. As a

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