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9 Ways To Work Against Racial Inequity and #StopAsianHate

9 Ways To Work Against Racial Inequity and #StopAsianHate

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a drastic impact on all communities worldwide, but particularly those of Korean descent.

As a 3rd generation Korean-American, I see first hand how 1st generation Korean-Americans, who often face cultural and language barriers, have been especially hit hard by the effects of the virus.

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Here are 9 ways we can help support and empower 1st gen Korean-American elders in our communities:

  1. Give: Consider donating money to organizations that are already working for the benefit of Asian Americans and those living in poverty, such as the Korean-American Association of Greater New York, Asian American Federation or Mustard Seed Generation
  2. Promote Language Assistance Programs: Encourage your local organizations to provide language assistance programs to those with limited English proficiency so they can more easily access important information about COVID-19 and other resources.
  3. Provide Home Delivery Services: If you have access to transportation, consider helping out elderly members of the community by delivering groceries or meals to their homes if they cannot get out themselves due to health concerns or lack of resources. We have information on our website if you want to get involved in the NJ area.
  4. Offer Online Tutoring/Educational Support Services: With many schools transitioning online, it is essential to help bridge any gaps in education among younger generations; offer free tutoring services over video chat or help sign kids up for any digital classes they need so they don’t fall behind in their studies due to lack of knowledge about where to look for help or guidance.
  5. Give Mental Health Care Accessibility: Mental health services are often overlooked during times of crisis; provide resources like hotlines, counseling centers, and helplines dedicated specifically for people suffering from problems related to anxiety, stress, isolation, etc. Mustard Seed Generation is a great organization to
  6. Visit Nursing Homes: Visit nursing homes and assisted living facilities in your area if you are feeling healthy enough; give them a piece of your time by talking with them or helping out with tasks around the home where possible so that those who may be feeling isolated can still feel connected with other people despite being socially distant from others outside their immediate family structure.
  7. Support Small Businesses: Shop at small businesses owned by Korean-Americans within your local community; this will keep jobs alive while combating issues related to economic inequality present within minority populations during hard times like these!
  8. Raise Awareness About Vaccination Resources: Inform neighbors you know about available vaccine options/resources as well as information about insurance coverage for different vaccinations; this way everyone can make an informed decision when it comes time for them to get vaccinated against COVID-19.
  9. Advocate For Government Funding For Korean Language Programs: Contact your representatives at local state levels and ask them what they are doing (if anything) regarding helping support first-generation Korean Americans through providing programs for language services as well educational programs catering towards this group in particular. No one should be left out.

Together we can make a difference!

#StandWithKoreans and #STOPasianHate

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