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I Was On The Receiving End Of Volunteering This Month

I Was On The Receiving End Of Volunteering This Month

This summer, I have been participating in an internship program for high school students that focused on topics like Asian American history, activism, and community organizing.

At a recent event, high school students in the program had the opportunity to meet Asian American professionals from diverse fields such as law, finance, and management. This gave them a chance to share about their own various careers and highlight the impact these professionals are making in their respective areas. During the event, the panelists shared insights on their education, individual career journeys, and examples of obstacles they encountered while working in their specific industries.

The business professional we met were volunteering and investing their own time into us as high school students. I really appreciated the knowledge and experience they shared with us. They were kind and generous, and offered great advice about how to succeed when we are done with schooling.

It is because these professionals believe in volunteering their time, that makes me want to do the same. It is an amazing opportunity to give back and make a positive impact in my community. I’m glad NJHS Volunteers helps connect us to worthy organizations where we can volunteer, but also where we can learn about life lessons and values.

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