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Updates for High School Student Volunteers

News You Can Use for H.S. Volunteer Opportunities

Is this for you? Connecting High School Students with Volunteer Opportunities Across New Jersey

As a high school student, it can be challenging to find organizations, events, and projects that offer volunteer opportunities. That’s

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5 Volunteer Roles That High School Students Can Sign Up For in Any Town This New Year!

The New Year is an excellent time for any high school student to get involved in volunteering. There are many

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How High School Students Like You Can Make a Difference Through Local Volunteer Opportunities for Immigrants

One easy way to help is through volunteering. For high school students who are looking to make an impact, local

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Making a Difference: How Volunteering Can Support Local Immigrants

Immigrants arriving in communities around the world often face immense challenges in their new homes. From language barriers, to trouble

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The perfect volunteer for nonprofit organizations: High school students

If you are a leader in a nonprofit organization, you probably are always in need of volunteers to help with

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3 Books High School Students Should Consider To Learn More About Inqueities Immigrants Face

Immigrant inequities are a critical issue facing our society today. I’m on a journey to learn more especially after volunteering

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High School Students and Volunteerism: The Stats You Need to Know

Are you looking for ways to get involved in giving back to the community as a high school student? If

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7 Different Types of Nonprofit Volunteering High School Students May Not Know About

Many types of volunteer opportunities are available for high school students who want to give back. Soup kitchens and food

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23 Easy Ways You Can Help Immigrant Neighbors In Need

In my recent volunteer work, I’ve had some big realizations regarding the needs of local citizens who may not have

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